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Welcome to The original seedless salacca in syrup Style Chan Brand 100 million Formula.Tesety of Thailand.
    Seedless salacca in syrup Style Chan Brand 100 million Formula. Tasety of Thailand. Ideal for restaurants hotels that want the best, for customers and family to take a look tasty or receptions
About us

Salak Loi Kaew Roi Lan was established in 2010 by Mr.Ittipon Chopchon and Ms.Chutimas Chopchon. In the beginning of production, we got warm welcoming and good feedback from customers. Although we weren’t knowledgeable about producing Salak in light syrup on that time, we tried to learn and do some research until we found these question that we need the answers.
  1. What is the best varieties of Salak that we have to use?
  2. What is the taste that customer prefer?
  3. How do we make it clean and provide good quality?

    Therefore, we are a pioneer of making Salak in light syrup by using the best varieties 100% called “Sumalee”. We choose preferable taste that people agree and also we got guarantee by “Shell”. We look every processes and steps of making our product carefully and make sure that our product has no preservative. It’s not only served customer with good taste but also its appearance has to be perfect. Moreover, we concern about the cleanness of each step we make. The products will be elaborately checked before we distribute to customers. For these reason, we received guarantee from Food and Drug Administration and GMP from Ministry of Public Health.
History of Salak Loi Kaew Rai Lan
We provide 2 types of Salak in light syrup including pasteurized (maintaining in low temperature) and sterilized ( not necessary to maintain in cold). Initially, we only made pasteurized Salak in light syrup but the problem was..we couldn’t deliver if the distance was too far.To keep the product fresh, we had to put into ice or kept it in low temperature all the way to destination. So customers suggested us to make sterilized Salak in light syrup. First time, we tried to find the method to make sterilized Salak having good taste, being fresh and not becoming black like our pasteurized Salak We were able to make pasteurized Salak successfully with cooperating between our team and knowledgeable assistants. With perfect coordinating both of Thai wisdom and science, we can make pasteurized Salak in light syrup to serve customers.
In the beginning of operation, there were many problems because our product had high price and the product wasn’t differentiated when comparing with our competitors. However,we keep using high price with belief of serving good quality for customers. We’ve gained good feedback from customer and they always come back to buy our product. This is good opportunity for us to make products and also increase our energy to make best quality product for customers. We try to maintain and develop product’s quality to be the best Salak in light syrup’s and other fruits’ seller.
We recommend new product !!
Tamarind in light syrup is now available for selling according to Tamarind season on September-October every year.
salak fruit
salak fruit
Scientific name of Salak is Zalacca edulis.Salak is similar with Salacca wallichiana because both of 2 fruits are the same species. However,there is difference between 2 fruits, Salak is sweet but Salacca wallichiana is tasteless or sour. The word “Salak” isn’t Thai language. This word is gotten from Indonesia. The meaning of Salak is the fruit that look like Salacca wallichiana and has sweet taste. Using the taste to distinguish Salak and Salacca wallichiana from Indonesia or Chava that called sour Salacca wallichianamakes as Salacca wallichiana and called sweet Salacca wallichiana as Salak makes Thai people have no idea about Thai Salak.
The varieties of Salak
  • Sumalee
  • Mo
  • Noen Wong

After we compare each varieties, we decide to choose Sumalee making the best product. Sumalee is qualified for producing Salak in light syrup even though it generates high cost. We emphasize on the product’s quality and satisfaction of customers and overlook the high cost we have to pay. Therefore, our factory is first one of making Salak in light syrup by using Sumalee 100% without using other varieties of Salak.
Nutritive and health benefit. Salak contains Calcium and that are good for bone and tooth. Also, it’s one of expectorant and can protect from cold.
Our Products
Product of 100 million Seedless Salacca in Syrup Factory

pasteurized Salak in light syrup
size 450 , 200 ML

sterilized Salak in light syrup
size 200 ML

santol in light syrup

sterilized Salak in light syrup
size 450 ML

tamarind in light syrup
size 200 , 450 ML

sterilized Salak in light syrup

noen wong (sweet)

Sumalee (sweet)

Mo (sweet)
Menu salak
Idea to eat Salak in light syrup– you can create different menus by using our Salak!!
Roi Lan ice-cream
Put pasteurized Salak in light syrup in refrigerator for 2 hours
After 2 hours, take it out and let’s eat.

Roi Lan ice
Put pasteurized Salak in light syrup in refrigerator for 2 hours then take it out and wait for 10 minute (in room temperature) after that you just shake it until becomes an ice

Roi Lan dessert
Open the cover of sterilized Salak Put ice on and let’s eat!!!

Punch Roi Lan
Sweet drink ( Salak Smell–Hellblueboy)
1 pot of Salak in light syrup
10 bottles of Soda
1 bowl of lime
1 liter of soft drink ( we prefer Sprite)
1 soda lid of salt
How to do
  • Mix all ingredients on the bowl
  • Put the mixed ingredients’ bowl on another bowl that contains with ice
  • If you have time, we recommend you preparing Punch by pouring punch on ice tray. When you are ready to serve, you can move it out from ice tray into the bowl.

Amatis Punch Roi Lan
10 Butterfly peas
¼ cup of water
1½ pot of Salak in light Syrup
1 lemon

How to do
  1. Boil water until it’s heated and put butterfly peas and wait for 5 minutes. Filter butterfly peas and wait until they’re cold.
  2. Mix butterfly pea water (after we filter) with lemon juice.Pour into the glass and decorate by peppermint and sliced lemon.
How to Order
Salak Loi Kaew Roi Lan — ready for getting orders!
Salak Loi Kaew Roi Lan — For you who want to buy our products, we deliver to every corners in Thailand no matter what where you live
How to make order
Tel: 089-834-9414,086-111-8188,039-330-859
Fax : 039-351734 E-mail : 100.million.group@gmail.com
We are available everyday to get your order
“To make an understanding about shipping , If shipping is no longer than 10 hours, we offer you to buy pasteurized Salak in light syrup. On the other hand, shipping is longer than 10 hours or over, we offer sterilized Salak in light syrup instead.”
When you make an order by using Telephone or Fax, Please download and fill this form
We’ll inform the price of product to you
Please transfer money into this account
After you make a payment, please send back a copy transferring paper via Fax. 039-351734.
Contact US
100 million Seedless Salacca in Syrup
14 Phrayatrang6 Soi, Phrayatrang Rd., Sub-District Watmai Muang Chanthaburi 22000
Telephone : 089 – 8349414 , 086 – 1118188 Fax : 039 – 351734
E-mail : 100.million.group@gmail.com

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